BYOD has shown huge benefits in today’s mobility, carrying direct efficiency across the business. Implementing a BYOD strategy enable employees to use either corporate or self-owned devices to access corporate data and process work anytime, anywhere.

Yet, protecting data on a device that isn’t owned by the company is somewhat complicated if not being monitored and managed properly. If the device isn’t even managed, there could be risks in data security that could potentially lead to data loss and data breach. The need for organizations to have an effective IT solution to address these risks is deemed to be necessary.

Microsoft Intune is a comprehensive solution providing mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Intune lets you manage devices in a flexible way that’s best for you and it has built-in security and compliance management, making it easy to monitor devices through the cloud, while helping to keep corporate data secure.

Your IT department can also use Microsoft Intune to set security policies for mobile devices and enforce password protection, encryption and even kick off a remote wipe if a device is compromised.

By offering affordable IT solutions through our optimization offerings, Whitestaunton Systems is adding Microsoft Intune to our line of optimized Microsoft platforms and services, enabling greater efficiency and productivity for our clients and its employees.